Friday, June 10, 2011

2010-2011 UTAR

Getting from high school to university has been a big struggle for me.
2010 was the year when everything seems so blurred and messed up and I wish I can relive it.
I rue the day I did not go the full distance for what I want.

That's just for me, as I see a lot of friends having smooth transitions to college.

2010 was also the year I joined UTAR. I embarked on this journey with a peculiar manner. Due to late payment of bills, I was bluntly rejected by the office from joining the foundation course as Electrical and Electronic Engineering class was full. Being me, firmly detest to endure the painful form 6 and vexatious Chong Hwa, I had decided to join Uniten and loan my way to degree. Just on the day I wanted to apply online, UTAR gave me a call and said there's a vacancy because another person turned down the foundation course. Of course I took it immediately, and I appeared in UTAR PJ the upcoming week.

Coping with the environment was not difficult. There is a lot of ChongHwa-ian in UTAR, and being in the same tutorial class with Chun Ming did help. TZ17 was awesome, everyone was so friendly and outspoken. I had a very delighting time studying with them, especially the hardworking JiaJiun, Sashi and Sze Mun. They have been really good note provider HAHAHA. I'm bad.

And then there's also KimTat and ZiSong who were in the same lecture class as mine. Lepak at the mamak was the norm for the first few weeks, but then I hated the mucky environment and expensive yet suckish food. I don't like inhaling exhaust fumes too(morning is still ok). We resorted to canteen, which sells buns with half the sausage and half the sesame. Economy rice stall is not bad, considering average price per plate is RM3. Needless to say, it isn't very fulfilling for people with big appetite.

The major thing about a University is the lecturer, right? I mean, no use having world class facility without knowledgeable teachers. The lecturers in PJ UTAR are generally helpful, warm and knows what they are talking about. This is very important for me, as I hate to ask a teacher who do not know how to answer my question and brings me all the way to Holland. I am no fan of Netherlands.

There will always be one or two lecturers who are pains in butts, and their ultimate goal in the university is to annoy you. Not uncommon, so we just lived with it. Trust me, all the way better than the discrimination and injustice you get from Public University. I have 2 brothers studied at UTM, so I know.
I take this chance to convey my gratitude to Ms Wong Jing Tyng, Mr Chong Yee Ting, Ms Pua Gaik Hong, Ms Hor Sze Wang, Pn Sharifah,Mr Ch'ng Han Siong, Mr Yu Yong Poh, Ms Neik Ting Xiang, Mr Mok Ru Kai and Ms Suvitha.
They will give you a satisfying answer, if you have any doubts that need clearing.
(Miss Wong is HOD so you can ask any management or office queries too)

Office and management efficiency is up to expectations, if not better. PJ management is good and transactions regarding any matter has been breezy easy. Maybe because we know the HOD(head of department), so things are generally easier done.
I cannot say the same for Setapak KL UTAR.

UTAR: creatively inspiring? no. thought provoking? no. academically/research challenging? no. All-rounder liberal arts approach? dream on. lenglui? handful la imo, hehe. value for money? big YES.

I had not been proactive in joining clubs and societies, as academic is my major concern. Landing a scholarship is top class priority. My extra curricular activities mostly take place at TGV or GSC. Sometimes some outing with friends.
People, you know who you are, thank you for being nice and cool and outgoing! Hopefully I will be able to see you in my campus. Too bad some of you guys transferred to other uni.

ZiSong has miraculously appeared in every photo.

Foundation course was not EXTRAFUCKINGOMGSHITTY hard, but definitely requires labor. If anyone is certain about studying locally, a foundation in science of UTAR definitely prepares you adequately. As far as I am concern, my foundation is admissible to any other private colleges or unis. They only look at your MONEY la bro, as long as you have the cash you can admit(not so sure about UTP and Sunway). Still generally true, personal experience.(kesian but I don't have)

Yes, people don't speak much English here. Yes, some people do speak Manglish here. Nonetheless, the lecturers make an effort to try their best to instill the idea of speaking English. It's all up to you here to brush up your English.

UTARians, PLEASE don't blame the uni. It's you that are not fucking English hard enough. It is definitely your fault for having a bad English. So love and embrace the language, you will find it returning your love in the future. (I can't even find a English Language Society or its kind over here zzzz)

1 year over here may not be the most well spent, but definite not a waste. So people, UTAR is definitely one of the better choice. If you score a 3.5 and above here, you will be at 90% percentile already compared to your normal IPTS friends, academic wise. SERIOUSLY.

Current status? chilling at UTAR KL, grumbles of the management start to sprout. There are more Ir.Dr.Prof. here, and they have given me a positive image for the first 2 weeks.

tl;dr - UTAR, good choice!


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