Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Piece

Have you watched Fast Furious 5?

In one of the scenes, the bad guy says,
"They will fight back hard when they have nothing to lose.
So I will give them something. Something to lose.
And that is how I control them."

After scoring 2 semester of four flat, I was having a strong foreboding that I will trip in the 3rd.
No matter how easy the syllabus or how I work like I usually does, I just have a hunch that I will have get a perfect result.
I know God likes to play with me.
And yes, I have been less intense (yawn) for the whole semester 3.
Can't really blame anyone, if I study 24/7 I will definitely ace it.

But losing something you have requires ample anaesthetic.
Having a 2 semester of 4 flat makes me yearn more of a perfect four.
There is definitely pain when I saw the result.
A pang to not getting what I want, again.

People like to say it is good enough already.
Some others say they scored even lower so I should just STFU.
To put it in (some of)your shoes, lower down the calibre and think it this way.

Imagine, you have passed the passing mark of 2.00 by a whisker, for 2 semester.
You don't have any fail subjects as you have struggled and managed to get through the 2 semesters.
However, coming to the last semester, you flunked a subject for let say, 2 marks.
and you failed the CGPA. Now, you have to repeat the whole semester and lag behind your associates by half a year.
That's pretty much how I am feeling currently.

If I have nothing to lose initially, then this wouldn't be the situation.

//below are few real lansi stuff, considered by some lah. If you don't like me then you better don't continue reading.
Superlative :

I am still dawdling here.
My friends are getting a 4 pointer in STPM.
And I am very sure there will be some from matriculation as well.
They are acing at examinations which have higher levels than UTAR.
I still flunk at UTAR.
That just proves how low I am in the pyramid.

That's just a few of the people I know.
There's friends gaining acceptance to LSE.
Friends with an ASEAN scholarship.
Friends going India under JPA.
Friends having all A* for A-levels.
Friends with 4 flat at Singapore.
Not to mention the people I know that are offered admittance to Harvard and other Ivy Leagues.
crème de la crème.

How about me?
Laughing at myself scoring a stupid score in UTAR.
Yes, it is plain disgrace to myself.
I am so so so low in the pyramid.
Can't even make a Foundation course right.

so I LOL.

Anyhow, I guess that means see you in Setapak.
The place I have been for 16 years, and counting.

Not all hopes are lost.
I still have nothing to lose.(it's a good thing in case you don't get it)


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