Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beep and munnah gone

Today was an OK day.
It was a big day for some, and boring one for the other, I guess.
People come people go, just like raindrops fall and river flows.
Sushi King is having its annual Bonanza, being a sucker for Wasabi (at the same time bragging it to KtOng and KaiSern) how can I miss it?

I like going to class. Consequently for not being a bad boy like the other 2 dudes skipping classes, I have to find my way back home myself.
Chit chatted with Storm and Evon in the LRT. Decisions decisions.

Arriving at the LRT station, the forever-late bus to my area miraculously appeared at the bus stand and seems prepared to depart. I quickly bustled in with the other passengers, beeping my TnG card to pay for the fare.
Out of a sudden, another driver (not the one sitting at the driver seat) , came up the bus and started getting mad at the passengers(WTF?).

He said he's really pissed at customers who didn't listen to instructions.
He informed passengers about the new feature on RapidKL bus, which will replace the ticket paying system using cash with TnG cards.
He said he has been spreading the news for a month and a half already, and today one psycho passenger just ticked his nerves.
The passenger got on board of one of the bus which has it's cash paying ticketing system removed (meaning only TnG entries allowed), and was not willing to buy for a TnG for mere RM5.
That passenger argued that he do not take bus often, and buying a TnG card is redundant, adding that removing the system was troublesome as well as inconsiderate.
The driver advised him that there was nothing he can do about it, and insisted for the passenger to buy a TnG card.
The obstinate passenger was denied entrance, as he didn't want to pay for the TnG card. (eventhough it's free.)
OK now it's time for you to guess what the passenger did after that.
scroll done for surprise.

He freaking sneak attacked the bus and threw a big stone directly to the bus!
He broke the bus' mirror window, and the driver didn't mention what happened to him later.
I guess he got away. tsk.

What an arse.

Some people are just plain insane. Reasons and facts can't seem to fit into their right minds.
First of all, the TnG card is free. The RM5 you paid will be credited into the card, and you can pay for the bus ticket.
The main reason for RapidKL company to implement such a system is to prevent embezzlement of the bus drivers.
Previously when we pay cash, the driver would collect the money and print a carbon copy ticket for us.
The thing is, some passengers just don't bring the exact amount and require the driver to return the change in fare.
So some drivers would just take RM10 from the customers and return RM9 to him from his own pocket.
And sometimes they forget to put in the RM1 into the cash box too.
Not to mention some drivers earn "extra money" by printing the tickets but collecting the ticket fares into their own wallet.
There's no transparency, and in the end of the day the company is at lost.
imagine 2000 drivers, everyone makan RM200.
that's RM400k flowing out from RapidKL.
For prevention, they came up with this system where customers pay directly to the company and board the train just by swiping the TnG card.
Bus fares are deducted automatically and accurately as the bus is equipped with GPS. (Malaysia boleh!)

And I still can't understand why the passenger would go to such an extend.
Especially when there's a 20% discount when you pay using TnG!
80 cents are deducted for a RM1 trip if you are using TnG.
How good is that. Not to mention when you return the card, you'll get back RM2!
Mystery mystery. I guess he had nothing to do and just wanted to vent his unknown anger at someone?
How hard is it to fork out RM5 to get a 20% discount off bus fares, all the money is still in the card, and you can take back RM2 when you return the card to the counter??
Very hard for him.

Humans, weird creatures that logic sometimes cannot explain their behaviours.

A little background for RapidKL's new bus ticketing system:

Moral of the story: go get yourself(read: KimTat) a freaking TnG card la! walao eh!

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