Saturday, April 9, 2011

If you think you are amazing, just the way you are.

Bruno Mars is coming over to Malaysia.
There's a small concert that he will be doing, I call it small because it will be at Putra World Trade Center, and people don't go there to do concerts.
People go to BUKIT JALIL to make a concert.

If you don't know what I'm saying, visit here.
The highest pricing ticket which was previously sold at RM259 is now sold at RM750, black market style.
Bruno Mars' charm is ineffable. (you need a pair of tix? it's RM800 per tix for rock zone now. let me know if you do.)

So back to the title.

One of his song cries out loud like this, " You're amazing, just the way you are".
I love the lyrics and I absolutely love the melody and the girl inside(sweet!) his MV.
But well, I can't help but to say that the statement holds true only if you are, near perfect.
Since there isn't much Saint or God hanging around, I suppose most of us isn't really that amazing.

Especially when you are a whining asshole or derogatory bastard.

So I see people in Facebook, saying that it's ok if you don't like me bla bla bla whatever, cos I'm like amazing just the way I am.
ya right, in your mdfk dreams dude.
People, you gotta understand, we live in REALITY. We're not Leonardo di Caprio! (he lives in a dream, imba level 5)

By now you should be thinking, "what are you saying I should change myself to suit others?! no way! I should retain my personality to be me, so people have to accept me just the way I am.".
I'm not that mean~ It's ok to be yourself! IF YOU'RE NOT AN ASSHOLE.
Now let's say you're lazy and you slump in your couch from dawn til dusk.
You suck in relationships and you phail academically.
You teased at old folks and laughed at the mentally and physically challenged.
You feel like your ultimate goal of life is to make people's life miserable.
When you reach such a Bankai, it should come to you quite clear you are NOT amazing.
So please, don't stay the same for your own sake.
Get your ass up and do some nice stuff.
Go study and fill your minds with knowledge.
Treat your friends well and do something for the world.
Stop being emotional all the time and start making your life worth it.
If you stay just the way you are, nothing changes because you have not changed.

The base of civilization depends on change.
Change towards the good, or maybe the bad, is what makes up our society and our civilization.
If our ancestors stayed the way they were, you are probably naked not because of the hot weather, but because you don't know the meaning of decency.
Since change is inevitable, move yourself towards the good side.
If you have a dream, stop staying that way and TRY to make it become a reality.
Whining is ok, but remember your goal and stay on course.
Don't stray halfway and blame the system.
It's your fault, totally yours.
Previously an asshole? Buy some cookies and share it with friends and mates.
Previously an emoass? Buy a comic and smile more. There's more unfortunate dudes out there who live strong.
Not doing well in relationship or studies? Some things need a lot of practice. so practice more and don't give up.

In the end, I just need you guys to understand staying the way you are is just not good enough.
Sarawakians, if you see this, please vote for a change.
That white-hair-money-eating droid who has a mdfk young wife has sucked enough of your land's wealth.
And it should be clear to you that he shall not sit and play boss for another period!
Real eyes realize real lies.
Vote for a change, see what Penang and Selangor has achieved.
me family ain't paying a single dime for me monthly water bills yo.

So people, start making changes to your dull life, stop freaking complaining and go live your life.

here's a Bruno Mars hit to wrap up.


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