Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wikipedia - Donated!


We did it UTAR-ians! Although our numbers are small, and the response is not as hot as we expected (I blame it on the finals), we still manage to get a bit of money out of the donation drive, and as promised, here is the donation!
Below is the list of donors:

Donor’s Name
Amount (RM)
Hor Sze Wang
Loh Hong Khai
Hee Zi Song
Ho Kah Sing
Teo Yan Chun
Aaron Kho Lek Ying
Hor Yin Hong
Saw Huei Jye
Lim Zong Yong
Chong Sui Ping
Lim Zheng Yue
Lim Wei Hong
Wong Ling Cheng

A total of RM29.50! Kudos for all of us which has contributed back to Wikipedia!
with the currency posted on Google and XE today:

A total of 9.62 USD should be donated. So to make things easier, I decided to make it a round number and donate USD10!

check it out:

and at last, we have one creepy Jimmy Wales smiling at us:

as I quote for the Wikipedia story:
As a frequent user and casual browser of Wikipedia, it is impossible to miss Jimmy's picture asking for donation(scary face Jimmy, lol). Me and my friends gathered together our funds to donate to Wikipedia, which has contributed in making our life easier when it comes to searching info on the net, and doing our Science reports. We hope this small amount of donation is able to express our gratitude(our local currency MYR exchanges at a rate of 1USD=3.06MYR, and we're all just pre-U kids), and we hope to see a bigger and better Wikipedia in the future.
The names of the donors are posted on my blog:
lastly, thank you for keeping Wikipedia free and long live Web2.0!

Yup and that is all for our small project of Wikipedia fund drive donation!
I have the Email Receipt and also a thank you email from Wikimedia. So if you need it to see if it's real, I can forward/printscreen for you.

Stay tuned to this blog as I will do some random gags once in a while!


Best Regards,
Hong Khai aka Roti

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