Friday, December 17, 2010

Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
That is the phrase that is on the main page of Wikipedia.

I believe in our century, almost everyone that tries to search some info on the net, will somehow be directed to Wikipedia.
With more than 17 million (that's 17 with 6 zeros behind!) articles, it is the biggest collection of information gathered from users all around the world.
The most important thing is, 17 million of these articles are available for everyone free of charge, and are all edited and submitted by volunteers around the globe.

You know who made this possible? Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales founded Wikipedia.

This is the site that provides you information when you need to write a lengthy discussion for your thermodynamics and electromagnetism reports.
This is the site for you that allows you to read the latest information about a certain famous person.
This is the site that lets you know how rockets are made, and what is what.

Want to know what is theory of relativity?

Want to know who is the White-barred Emperor?

Want to know how Micheal Jackson became white?

Or maybe you want to learn how to make a Mentos and Coke eruption.

Get all the info you need in Wikipedia, free of charge.
You can stare at it all you like, touch it, print it, even abuse it.(just remember don't let your lecturers know you sourced from there!)

So now, Wikipedia is having its annual fundraising activity.
Me, who has earned and gained and learned and sourced(not plagiarized!) a lot from Wikipedia, would like to do a little for this big community that has contributed so much to the net.

I do not know about you, but I figure students like us, even though we would be more than happy to spare a few bucks for Wikipedia, find it a big hassle to register a web bank account, then go through all the tedious process, just to donate RM2.

So I have an idea.
I have a bank account. I can help out to do the donation work.

My idea is, I will put up a form for UTAR-ians to fill in(in the campus), then anyone interested to donate a few bucks can just pass me the money, and I will collect all the funds gathered and make a donation one shot. Of course, I'll convert the RM to USD beforehand.

Be it a RM1, RM2 or RM5, even if there isn't anyone who has interest to donate, I will myself in the end of the month.

So what say you? will you give out a few bucks to the site that has made your life easier?
Will you response to this fundraising drive? Do let me know below!

Will you donate to Wikipedia?

Appeal from Wikipedia:

If this plan works out, I will post out screenshots of the donation payment and also the names of the donors.
Don't worry, I eat Roti Canai Telur Bawang, not money. :P

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