Saturday, August 14, 2010

Critical Thinking

It's nearly 3 months already, after studying in UTAR, getting to the end of the semester.
So in this first semester, we have a subject called Critical Thinking.
Basically what we did in lecture of this course is lepak and hang out, and tutorial is as relax as ever. Credit hour is only 2 hours, it's not too hard to understand and no calculations involved, just some terms and how to implement them.

For this special course, we had our first ever Uni presentation.
It was fun, well at least for me. New experience, and the kind and soft Miss Suvitha is the main experience. She even borrowed me her textbook! I hear Miss Santhai from other classes gave some group 0 marks, well so much to them for scoring 4.0.

In this specific presentation, we were asked to present any topic that is arguable, that is relevant and of current issues.
So me, lame tart, Zi Song, Chun Lim and Chun Ming formed a group, discussing the topic "How should students choose their course of study?" which we think should be based on career prospect.
Enough of our boring topic, what is more interesting in the presentations are most probably the Q&A part.
It is where people keep quiet so they can really listen to what others are saying, not chatting away like it's no one's business.
me, being me.

So, being me, I can't stand sitting there listening to others giving false statement, and arguing with no solid evidence nor do any effort to prove they are right.
Again, being the annoying me, I asked quite a lot of questions to them, and that probably will get me into trouble I guess LOL.
but hey, it's more fun doing that.

another main reason for that is, because while our group was presenting, the guy from group 18, which likes to debate with humor (hey I actually like your way) asked me the million dollar question, so I can't stop the cycle right?
It's bad being the COMBO BREAKERR!!!
He likes to ask questions, but I don't know either he's purposely giving me chance to increase my marks, or just plain ignorance to ask that question that is definitely refutable and winnable by me.
Well sometimes he did asked some quite OK questions IMO. For those not so intelligent questions, I don't know if he did that to help that group or just want to make the atmosphere better.
anyways, with him at least it's not that boring.
Thanks man!

This course is quite OK actually, I like something that I can grasp. This is something I can get a hold of.
Especially with Miss Suvathi's textbook, thing's are clearer and I like learning new terms.
Presentations are OK for me, but Foundation in Science only has 1 each semester I guess.

Lastly, thanks to all my teammates for the great job, I think we are at least top 3 in the presentation!

ps: I don't sign, because I don't sign off. Because I don't.

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