Saturday, January 31, 2015

Budak Malaysia Balik Malaysia

I'm back in Malaysia!

After nearly 2 years out of UTAR to explore the world, I am finally back to school to continue with my bachelor degree. With almost all my peers graduating in this semester, I need to reconnect with all the younger juniors and get into different classes than my friends. It has proved to be challenging and exciting, knowing new people with some of them staring weirdly because I am too old to be in those classes. hah.

Transitioning back, I find that the brilliant minds in UTAR can use some improvement towards their facility. I suggest the following few:

1. Get the air-conditioning working properly.
2. Get the toilets and washrooms working properly.
3. Get the overhead projectors working properly.
4. Get the notes for the whole semester, or at least for the next month, uploaded in advance.
5. Get the staff to speak proper English.
6. Get some proofreading for the articles published in the student portal.
7. Get the staff to actually reply emails, and I mean not 1 month later.
8. Hire lecturers that are actually competent and relevant.
9. Get your shit together.

Some lecturers really need to stop wasting everybody's time, including their own. Dr. Lim put it succintly, "if my lecture notes are the same as my lecture, you better sleep at home."

I am sure I can just bear through the whole process to get my degree certificate. I just wonder if I will burn my brain going through numerous ridiculous lectures every week.

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