Thursday, December 20, 2012

Plants VS Zombies: UTAR Halloween 2012

I gave a little thought on whether writing this in Chinese or English will be more appropriate, in the end I gave up thinking and just typed in English simply because it is easier.

A lot was gone through, and has been going on since the last I wrote a single post. Obviously, I am not a very dedicated writer. UTAR Halloween 2012 has played a significant, if not big, role in the circle of friends I have in UTAR, and I believe it is apt for me to write my thoughts on it about it. (Everyone did that LOL and Henry has like 15 posts for it, talk about being chatty!)

A year ago, or less precisely very long time ago, we all have this idea of making a big event for UTAR. This spawns because I was particularly wanting to know more UTARians, and Henry wanting to create something similar to PTUM, or UKM's Chinese New Year thingy. I did mention something like that to JinHao, and certainly enough, Henry had the same idea and he approached me with determination. Henry's persistence was the defining factor that made this a success.

Me being me, of course I said yes! LOL did I say no to anyone before?
just look at that innocent face. 

Henry did a poll with the few of us friends, and we decided to vote for Halloween. Actually to be honest, I am not a single bit interested in doing Chinese Cultural stuff like Pesta Tanglung or Tahun Baru Cina, and have never put them into one of the options. Sorry Henry, consider this my apology cum confession! Halloween was always my choice, and I THINK I did put forth a quite logical explanation as to why we want to do Halloween. Simply put, public universities don't have the chance to organize much more liberal, free and western-cultured events because they(some!) have policies (and very narrow minds) about anything different from 'Malaysian culture'. Since we're in a private university, why should we restrict ourselves? Why do the same as them, when we can do something more exciting, more fresh and definitely more entertaining!? Don't just do what others do, assess your situation and do better. My point is, don't chain yourself up when there isn't any chain at all.

ok I'm guilty of lying...

We being the typical student, live in procrastiNATION. A one year plan turns out to be half a year of real work, and 3 months of hard work. Numerous meetings, gatherings, and wallah! We got:
a professional make up team

typical Halloween games

a very scary haunted house

a group of lovely make up artists

smexy performances


beautiful ghost...

screwed up fella..

tampon Jesus..

dissatisfied lady Satan...

Mr and Mr Flasher..

smooching Joker & Nurse (hot!)

Oh yes, how can I forgot what FES has long awaited, which is the lovely ladies:
the masquerades

the witch

bloody nurse and Japanese high school girl

public hospital nurse!

meow lady with Su Hee

click to enjoy our lenglui committee members!

Lance and XiaoPang getting very excited with the ladies

In the end, all is well. Unofficially, we are the largest event(party+celebration+charity) ever held in Klang Valley for UTAR!

Of course, there is always friction in a team. As things get more and more urgent, the pressure to meet expectations are higher. I am happy that this team is a committed one, everyone giving the best we have and made one hell of a night. I'm pretty sure the crowd enjoyed our hospitality, given by the happy faces of the despo guys and glitter faces of the ladies.

Here are a few lessons, for those fond of lists:
  • Call up to set things straight - doing it in FB is simply inefficient, and I know that since long. But hey, it's the IT age and I do not have a lot of credit in my phone, so I'm putting my faith on the team. That said, productivity increases when I coordinate through phones. Honorable mention: KarMen, ShuYee, Hui Nee, Henry, HooiShan.
  • Get the permissions early, and make sure the big things are set - you cannot screw up on the event venue, nor can you screw up on the management's permission on the event last minute. We can give or take a few performances, but not lose the venue, the audio, the time slots. Get them done EARLY. Honorable mention: ZiSong, JinHao, Henry, KaiLim.
  • Meet face to face with sponsors - Going out there, talking to them, beats any email. We got BIG prizes because we approach them sincerely, albeit late. Honorable mention: ChoonYi, Vincent, Henry, JinHao, YanChun.
  • Have a leader or PIC for every department - delegate the task, and you shall find peace. Else, prepare for war. Honorable mention: all department leaders

  • Have fun! - If you can't enjoy the show, neither will the crowd
  • Remember your aim - keep in mind your passion in making a difference, and stick to your words. Giving up is an act by losers.
  • Talk things through - Don't agree with someone? talk it out, talk it through. We're all reasonable.

In the end, I'm really really proud of the team. Everyone was reasonable, and has common sense. We all made a lot of friends, especially from different campuses. The best thing is, we can keep in touch and meet up some times! Though Sungai Long is a bit far, I sure hope I can pay them a visit and hang out together next time.
Great leadership from Henry to bring everyone together, and hopefully next year, we will have a bigger blast!


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