Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So I'm here to talk about social media, especially Facebook.
Look! Here's a photo of Jin Hao:

Trust me I'm an engineer. I mean, I engineer the security.

So recently, more like 10 hours ago, I shared the above photo with the caption that the guard was teaching Jin Hao because he has got a PhD.
The best part is, I think, most if not all actually seriously believe what I said. 
In truth, he was asking Jin Hao's car number because believe it or not, this guy stayed on campus til 3am in the morning, no thanks to Signals, Circuits and Systems. (screw the subject)

My PhD can easily mean Permanent head Damage, or Personal hygiene Disorder, or even Pretty heavy Drinker. You see, a single abbreviation can mess up so many things.
It just goes to show how easily people believe stuff posted on the internet. 
That reminds me of the viral news about BERSIH 3.0 that happened recently. Some of the 'social activist' friends of mine are so eager to share, they do not verify the accuracy of the news.
Can't wait to announce to the world how bad the polices are, my homepage was stormed by police violence news.

I must say, the videos are pretty compelling and I'm with the people this time, anytime. That's my judgement.

But the main thing is, do not trust everything in the Internet. Propaganda spreading, rumors flying, and remember fellow Malaysians, you have to keep your calm and have a clear purpose and view.
Safeguard your faith, your believe and don't trust your eye all the time. Do due judgement, not just listen to whatever others feed you.
This message goes out to everyone. Dear 'social activist' friends, keep calm and carry on. Remember not to judge too early, and remember your purpose and aim. It is crucial to show that you are worthy of opinion, not just blindly supporting the opposition or government or against police violence. 
For the pro-governments, please see through the government's game. They are just buying you sweets for the next GE, don't you think? Here's another incentive announced yesterday:


And who says our country is poor?! We're giving out so many incentives and cash rebates to the Rakyat! 

Which reminds me of the best news of the week, yet.

Don't forget, I'm both brains and brawl! I've got a PhD from Curtin! *smirks*

To not sound like a hypocrite and to be fair to her, I really don't know what she did for sports, so she may have done a lot that I do not know of. 
Oooh wait, that's the problem. I don't even know what she had done... Hmmm....

One last thing, I heard my name on TV and pasted all over FB too! well, not my name, but ALMOST...

to clear the doubts, and just to have fun, now you know the reason why I posted this status:

Which means nowadays violence is accepted, but not trespassing school ground and paste up some posters. Oh no no you can't, that's like, murder you know! We rather catch interns pasting posters than real big thief out there.

That's all of the entertainment for now, until I get another trending topic or picture.

Fact 101: I slept an average of 3 hours per day for the past 3 days.

p.s.: OMG I'm so excited my photo about the incentive got shared like a few thousand times! Talk about being viral. *evil grin* Best coverage ever.

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