Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today I joined a program that brings a group of Japanese High School students to tour around Kuala Lumpur.
When WaiHung posted on Facebook an inquiry for people interested to do this, I did not hesitate to join.
I knew this would be exciting and one in a lifetime.
And the 8 girls from Toyota Higashi High School, Aichi Prefecture are nothing less than fun, nice, cute and genuine.

Bringing them around Kuala Lumpur is not only an eye-opener, but also a life lesson for me.
When we were at Masjid Jamek, they took out the tudungs and clothes they had brought along and wore them when requested.
Even Nadia forgot to prepare for this.
As a result, we got into the mosque fairly quick although the visit was just so so.
Only one of them knows English(barely), so I ended up talking most with her and also another girl who walks in front of the team, whose name is Momoko.

They perfectly displayed their polite culture with their shyness and strict discipline.
While walking, they travelled together and did not complain.
Or I didn't understand their complains.
They were very friendly and funny, especially Miu who likes anime and knows One Piece like I do. They gave me a handmade card-book when they first saw me.
The cuteness? ineffable.

Nadia and I agreed that they look like 12 year olds than 17 year olds. They look very young and innocent, and they really are, happily joining the tour even though I suck at guiding.
I got lost 2 times and they did not look frustrated. Sorry!
With their eyes looking at me I can't help but to think that they are like children needing protection.
our only group photo

They are so different than the typical seventeens of Malaysia.
While we were either struggling with SPM, or just loitering around school wasting time when we were 17, we tend to try to be as mature as we can.
We want to be an adult, so we trade in our genuineness for so called maturity.
The normal 17 year olds from Malaysia like to "act cool", be like a boss, ordering people around or just desert themselves to divulge their emotional feelings.
Stupid emo kids. I personally regard them as the most stupid group of person in the world.
These Japanese, albeit 17, they have shown the innocent and sincerity of a child, revealing their real self during the whole trip.

No pretending to be ladylike during the fish spa, but screaming funnily when the fishes tickle their legs.
No complaining of heat except from me, which sweat a lot less compared to them.
No unreasonable lowballing or haggling with the stores, they buy if they can afford and not ask for special "discounts".
No undermining of our culture or heritage, nor underscoring of their country's supremacy over ours from them, but looks of awe whenever they visit the sites.

Being vigilant about their surrounding - they cautiously consumed the Muachi I belanja them (probably questioning the hygiene of the stall) - the Japanese are still courteous.
The total opposite are the hawkers at Petaling Street, harassing all the girls as usual and embarrassing me as a Malaysian.

In the end of our trip, we went to KLCC as they requested.
They did not do any shopping, but rather they gathered around in a circle, conferring in Japanese and handed me an envelope saying "Thank you for the day, and this is some money from us.".
I was stunned because I was actually paid by the program for the job. Nadia and I definitely refused to accept the money, while we explain that we had a great time accompanying them around KL.
They ended up buying pen for each of us. So sweet!
Because of printing the photo we took at Central Market, we were late to go back to the hotel. We basically ran back from the station to the hotel, and they did not blame me for it, even though it is my job to bring them back on time.
Our clothes were all wet when we reached the hotel because of the running, but they seem like they had a great time. Talk about being nice, they are in my top list!

I definitely enjoyed the experience, and learned to be as sincere as my heart can be.
I reevaluated my values because of them, as treating another person with a candid heart will brighten up their spirits, like how they had made me forget about my empty stomach and enjoy the trip too.
I wish we could all stay young at heart forever. I wish we could just believe in the good instead of the bad.
Emotional includes happiness, for those who had forgotten.

 Say no to fakers. even if it will only be true in my dreams.

Domo Arigatou!

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