Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life decisions are always made in shower 1

That previous post is about what I was playing around, joining all sorts of stuff.
Nothing like "hey look at this I'm the boss I'm so cool because I'm organizing and this is the shit" stuff, because well, I suck. I did not organize anything recently.

Instead, I am going through 3 things:

AirAsia Cadet Pilot Interview

So I applied for AirAsia's Cadet Pilot last December, which is 9 months ago. They took 2 months to inform me that I would be taking the test on May. In which, I did not prepare at all 99% because I was lazy. In the end, I forked out 1 whole day studying SPM mathematics and physics just so that I wouldn't fail miserably.
But miraculously, I was informed that I succeeded entering the second stage of the process, which is the interview.

A little sneak peak into the hall

The interview was, normal. However, I have to say that I am quite lucky. I did not get any interrogation or humiliation from the captains, probably because at the time of my interview, it was near lunch hour and other captains weren't available to make my life miserable. Not so lucky for others. I heard they were pressured and asked very very tough questions like "Why do you want to be a pilot?" and when you say passion etc, they will bombard you with " why are you lying to me?", and may even call you stupid.
My toughest question is "If there's only one parachute and you are on a plummeting plane together with your father, what will you do?".
Naturally, I had to go with "I'm very filial and I love my dad so much it doesn't matter if I die bla bla bla".
Just when I thought the 40-minute of random chit chatting with 2 pilot captains will be my last trip to the building with an Airbus on its rooftop and an F1 race car in its lobby known as AirAsia Academy, a fortnight later an email told me I was selected to attend the third stage of the process, which is the ADAPT and MPL pretest.

For those non-aviation people like me and my fellow readers, ADAPT and MPL pretest basically means multitasking a lot of jobs using your hand, mind, eye, ear, mouth, leg.
Here's another photo of me playing Captain:
sorry I know I look good.

The Symbiotics' Englishman (people that runs the ADAPT and MPL pretest) sent me an email with a handbook, enumerating all the stages in ADAPT. Trust me it ain't eating a pie.
So that was also why I took up the flight simulation deal from ilovediscounts.my and went directly after volunteering at the KL Marathon.

The whole shit took me 4 hours to finish, and I was killed by the simulation stage. After a rigorous interview and a couple of unexpectedly easy English tests, I was forced to do mind arithmetic and pattern recognition, while maneuvering a flight and answering questions, at the same time reporting my status and simultaneously handle error messages that popped out of the touch screens.
I flunked it, big time. I reckon myself very lucky for not crashing the plane on screen.

And yesterday, here's a bomb AK dropped on me:
nope, not going to tell you the results.

So I get to wait another 2 weeks to get my result. Whether this will change my life course, or NOT.
Most probably not. I don't really mind actually. If I'm accepted I'll fly to Canada, if not, life's in UTAR's doing pretty well for me right now. I have nothing to lose.

I like life decisions made like this. It's so random!
Never crossed my mind that I will be, maybe, having a chance to fly as a career. I do not even fond of flying in the first place! I just think of it as a cool career, and there's a tendency I'll regret in later years.
But hey, what's life without regrets, right.
I have no slightest idea that I will be going this far, and I am proud to be able to say that I have been through the whole cadet pilot selection process, even if I ended up not going anywhere.
That notion is cool enough for me to brag to others. I like that idea.

*p.s.: Thanks to ChenLi for reminding me to post some shit up my blog, during XieWen's birthday party. Today is her official birthday. Happy Birthday XieWen and Malaysia!

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