Friday, October 8, 2010


发现你爱的人到处跑...昨晚刚升职 今天被炒...莫名其妙 谁会知道...是不是上天开的玩笑...
地震时 你想和谁拥抱...什么是生命中的美好...轻易放掉 却不知道...幸福就在下一个转角...


Us 3 leaders were invited to join a meeting at The G-City Hotel this Wednesday, and KimTat was reluctant to attend. Nah, he just don't want to travel all the way there. But who can blame him? He doesn't have any class on that day.

Me, having nothing to do after finishing class at 3, decided to hang out where the golds are, which is the library. Numbed from reading the usual textbooks, I decided to flip around the library's petty collection of books. I found this:
It's a travel guide book, and teaches you how to survive in the worst travelling journey and still enjoy it til the end. Sounds fun but I'm not going anywhere in the mean time, so the cockroach did not have the chance to amaze me.

Since I said I want to have a glimpse on what is Management about, I picked up another book titled "How to Manage" by Jo Owen. Cool book, explaining the obstacles faced by today's manager.
So kids, if you want to be a great manager someday, let me tell you this. You have to possess IQ, EQ and PQ. It's great to read when you have golden sentence like " When you are sailing against the wind, the fastest route between two points is a zigzag. Sailing straight into the wind gets nowhere." Stuff like this turns me on. HaHa.

Back on story. We decided to let Christine drive us to Ampang Park, which is adjacent to the Hotel.
Long story short, we got there late, rushed in and joined into the so called meeting.

It's more of a presentation and briefing about what is to be done on the event day and different job scopes.
It is exciting seeing everyone older than us, and joining such high profile event just spells fun.
The meeting was worth it, because we get to see the real Sher Ai in person(at last!) , know more about the event and also got a sneak peek on who is the guests on that day.
Bunkface, One Buck Short, Pop Shuvit will be present, just to name a few.(because there is only a few to name LOL)
If by any chance you live in the cave, they sang this:

And Pop Shuvit, I like this song:

JJ from will be the master of ceremony, Ean will be running instead.

Well in short, if you didn't join us, you should feel sad! HAHAHA.

3 of us haven't had our dinner and we rushed into the meeting room like that, and my tummy rumbles!
After the meeting was done, we went over to Pizza Hut and Christine didn't like the waiter there.
The girl cashier there has a weird name, ANUAR, and Christine says she's actually a he, a shemale. confusing eh? KimTat on the other hand, however, feels shy when Christine is around and only loosen up a bit when there is food in front of him.
She told me not to upload. hahhahahaha. She didn't know I have this blog~~ :D
The uglier the picture the higher the tendency of me uploading it. it's the nature of me wahahhaha.

So we're suppose to be there at 11pm, tomorrow night.
I wonder what stuff will we do?
Hope I don't fall asleep or lose all my energy while working.
Wish me luck! and ZiSong KimTat WeiKing Christine JiaYap Somala too!
Me waiting at the LRT station, wondering how things will work out on the event day.excited la!

关关是难关 但我们关关过
所出现了彩虹 忽然间我们才懂
如果这是一场马拉松 那我们一起加油


  1. LoL no shitting in the toilet! Damn that LOVELY title!

    btw, looks like Kt has cultivated a tummy already~


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